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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Dear Sight & Sound and Folk Alliance International,

I’m writing to thank you for organizing the free eye exams for musicians at the annual conference in Kansas City. It had been more than 20 years since I had an exam. I can’t remember the kind man’s name that looked at my eyes and tested my vision at the conference, but he said something to me that had a profound impact on me. After learning that my last exam was so long ago, he first asked if I visit a dentist regularly. When I answered “yes,” he then asked me, “What does science make better, fake teeth or fake eyes?” Wow! He really put it in perspective for me. He encouraged me to find a local doctor and get a more thorough exam. I did that recently and learned of some very serious eye health issues going on that need both treatment and life-long monitoring.

Folk Alliance, you may have just helped to save my vision. I am forever grateful. If you could either provide me with the name of the doctor at the conference in 2018 so that I can thank him, or simply forward this message on to him, I’d be delighted.

In deep gratitude and hopes of seeing all of the beauty in the world for my life time,

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